A unique expertise

From Silesia to Cognac

What makes our Expertise so unique?

Cognac is made from a subtle blend of eaux-de-vie of different ages and profiles. Produced on a unique Terroir and in compliance with regulated specifications, the Cognac Geographical Indication (GI) is renowned for its outstanding quality and authenticity. Produced with respect for century-old expertise, Cognac is protected by specifications guaranteeing its origin and authenticity.

Since the 19th-century Meukow cognacs have been conceived with the objective to please the sophisticated tastes of cognac drinkers around the world. Starting with the first batch being made to satisfy Silesian royalty all the way to the consumers of the modern-day.

After the double distillation of the wines, our Cellar Master meticulously selects the Eaux-de-vie which will then be aged for at least two years in oak barrels. These eaux-de-vie come from different crus among the 6 crus that make up the Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée – Cognac: Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, Fins Bois, Bons Bois, Borderies and Bois Ordinaires.

Like the guardian of a treasure revealed by time, the Cellar Master then rigorously watches over the ageing of the cognacs in the dark and humid atmosphere of the cellars. Some cognacs are carefully kept for more than 50 years in the cellar which bears the poetic name of “Paradise”… in the heart of which the alcohol vapours fly away over time to form the famous “Part des Anges” (Angels’ Share). The expertise of the Cellar Master and the expression of all their talent are revealed during the blending of the cognacs. It is a delicate art where experience and intuition are combined to marry different vintages of different ages in order to obtain harmonious nectar with sublimated aromas.

Suppleness, power and elegance are the results of a sophisticated blend produced by our Cellar Master, Anne Sarteaux, one of the very few female Cellar masters in the cognac world. To guarantee the Meukow style, Anne Sarteaux mainly uses Cognacs from Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne for the richness and complexity of their floral notes, as well as Fins Bois, Bons Bois and Borderies for their fruity aromas and woody touches that bring a perfect balance to the blend.

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In 1850, Auguste-Christophe and Gustav Meukow, two brothers from Silesia were sent to France to find eaux-de-vie. After several trips, they decided to establish a commercial office in the town of Cognac, on the 1st of August 1862. A.C.

1 August 1862

MEUKOW & Co was born

The brand grew rapidly from its inception. In 1865, Henri Bouraud acquired shares and became a partner to the Meukow brothers. In 1874, Bouraud handed his share of the company to the Scotsman Thomas Alexander Shepherd. Following Auguste Christophe’s death in 1878, Shepherd acquired full ownership of the company.

1 August 1862
1880 — 1914

In 1880 ownership of the company was handed over to the German Gustav Klaebisch, he went on to own the company until 1914, when because of the war the French state seized the company from Gustav’s ownership because of his German origin.

1880 — 1914

During the First World War, Meukow stayed active thanks to its manager Harold Butler. Harold Butler went on to become a shared owner in the business and managed it for 50 years. During this time he would share ownership with Andre Villesuzanne who inherited shares as he had married Daphne Shepherd, Thomas A Shepherd’s granddaughter.

In 1968, Harold Butler sold his shares to Andre, meaning that he became sole owner of Meukow. After ten years under Andre’s ownership, Michel Coste saw an opportunity.


In 1979, Meukow joined the independent family-owned group Compagnie de Guyenne, founded in 1969 by Michel Coste. From that day on, relying on the commercial structure of the group, Meukow cognac, has continued to develop and expand its range. Focusing on strengthening the Meukow brand’s footprint, Michel Coste looked for a strong symbol capable of evoking the quality of its cognacs while distinguishing it from other brands.


This is how he created the “Félin” bottle in 1993, adorned with the panther which has become the icon of the brand. This superb animal perfectly embodies the strength, elegance and suppleness which are the intrinsic qualities of Meukow cognac.


Today, the brand is distributed in more than 80 countries and is currently led by Philippe Coste, son of Michel Coste, surrounded by his two sisters, Marie-Laure Brugerolle and Céline Viard.


Iconic symbol: the panther

Present on the bottle created in 1993 by Michel Coste, the panther became the icon of the brand because it perfectly symbolizes the feline style of Meukow cognacs: Unique cognacs that combine power and suppleness, passion and indulgence, a warm touch and earthy notes.

A mysterious animal, an outstanding hunter, always hiding high up to observe its surroundings, it is represented on the bottle as it leaves its tree of refuge to come and pounce on its prey.

Our core values


  • A passion for the product / homemade cognacs.

  • A passion for respecting the product that does not allow any compromise on quality.

  • A passion for sharing: a generous and festive character, the desire to please.


The agility of a house on a human scale: short decision paths that allow you to move quickly.

Constantly listening to its markets.

  • Listening and adaptation skills that have forged a proven ability to respond to local expectations and opportunities.

A brand on the move.

  • In its relationship with time: between respect for the past, conviviality & pleasure of the present, and projection into the future. Between tradition and modernity.
  • In space, between Cognac and the world: a desire to conquer, based on an intimate knowledge of the markets, nurtured by incessant travel around the world.


The audacity of a company that is not afraid to shake up the market:

  • It started by creating an unusual/unique/special bottle: A shape that breaks the mold with the panther as its emblem.

  • The audacity to embody “Cognac in a different way”.

  • A different look at cognac: Meukow is first and foremost a singular state of mind in the cognac world. We are not talking about superiority, but about unique pleasure.

Family Spirit

  • An independent, family-owned cognac house

  • A family that cultivates an entrepreneurial spirit while taking care to preserve the best of a complex and ancestral know-how.

  • A family spirit that extends to all Meukow employees and partners around the world.

  • Long-term relationships where friendship and respect play a key role.

  • The transmission: of a state of mind, of a human adventure.

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