#04 Time to shine a light on a stellar cocktail, the Lunar Eclipse!

Meukow cocktail XO lunar eclipse

Today is a special day as we will get to see a lunar eclipse. And the best way to celebrate this astral event is undoubtedly with a Cognac-based Lunar Eclipse cocktail! Discover our mixologist recipe…

Do you have your head in the clouds? Guess what, we have too! Bastien Gardrat, our mixologist, is revealing all his secrets to make a cocktail so special it will eclipse all the others…

What ingredients are needed?

50ml Meukow XO

10ml Cherry Brandy 

20ml Maury 

Cacao bitters 3 to 4 dashes 


Garnish with a neutral alcohol perfumed with sweet rose and fresh grape green tea infusion spray.

Lunar eclipse cocktail

What inspired the mixologist?

We wanted to create a XO-based short drink that would enhanced the dried fruits notes.

The XO goes very well with candied fruits and the cherry brandy brings the candied cherry taste as well as a walnut aftertaste that pairs well with the Maury – it’s a fortified wine from the South of France-. The Maury wine can easily replaced a sweet vermouth that would be more usually used in this type of recipe. The Maury reveals notes of plum and walnut.

The Bitter cocoa brings a bitter and rich touch that goes very well with the cognac but also the other ingredients. A subtle touch for the tastebuds and the nose…

The perfumed tea spray is a nod to the Asiatic culture where tea is a staple. Bringing it on a short drink using a spray adds a little “je ne sais quoi” to the presentation.


Credits (pictures): Théo Schuman

perfume cocktail

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