#02 What Cognac shoud I be buying?

A guide for newcomers

Hi! Welcome to the world of cognac. If you’re reading this I guess you are looking to get your hands on a bottle of this unique spirit.

The question here is “Where do I start?”, no worries we’ve got this.

If you're looking to try cognac with a mixer

If you have any tonic water or ginger ale on hand, Meukow VS is a great option for your next highball. It’s simple, approachable and a delicious choice for those that are looking for a refreshing drink experience.

If you're hosting a cocktail night

Although most cognacs are great in cocktails, if we had to recommend a few: our VSOP and our 90 proof are a great start. Ranging from fruity and zesty mixes to more straightforward short drinks such as an old fashioned. These full-bodied cognacs will give you just the kick you need without breaking the bank.

For something you can serve neat

Ah, over the years we have stopped counting the number of people we have heard say “It’s the only way to drink cognac”. This isn’t at all true (as we have demonstrated), however with an XO or our XO Grande Champagne we do recommend it! Guaranteeing you will get the best out of your spirit and being able to experience the taste to its fullest.

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