#03 Chocolate + Cognac = Match Made in Heaven for your tastebuds!

Amaze your guests this Easter with our recipe!

Your house has been decked out in yellow, you’ve stocked up on chocolates for the whole family and you’re now fervently preparing your Easter menu. But you’re still in doubt for dessert! You’d like to make something tasty and unusual – what could it be?!

Chocolate and cognac truffles: an unexpected and divine combination

There is only one requirement: the presence of chocolate. So why not try something completely different: truffles! In small bites, they will be the perfect accompaniment to coffee and will allow everyone to enjoy the dessert without overdoing it (or not!). And what if we suggested you create a surprise by adding some cognac?

A quick and easy recipe

To make 24 truffles, you will need

– 200g of dark chocolate

– 20cl of full cream

– 50g of butter

– 2 tablespoons of Meukow VSOP cognac

You can also choose to decorate the truffles with :

– Bitter cocoa powder

– Pistachio powder

– Powdered pink pralines


Cut the chocolate into pieces. Heat the cream until it boils. Pour over the chocolate and wait 1 minute before starting to mix vigorously with a marysee. Add the butter, cut into small pieces, and mix until well incorporated. Once the mixture is smooth, add the cognac and mix. 


Cover with cling film or baking paper and leave to cool completely at room temperature or place in the fridge to speed up cooling.


After at least two hours in the fridge (more is better), remove the bowl and form balls about two centimetres in diameter. Do not overwork them, as the chocolate melts very quickly when heated by your hands.


Finally, roll the truffles in your favourite couverture: bitter cocoa, pistachio powder and pink praline powder. But you can also use coconut or even dip them in melted chocolate and let them harden, the truffles will have a thin layer of crunchy chocolate and a melting interior.




Source: https://kluskifood.com/truffes-au-chocolat-et-cognac/

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