#07 The Perfect Pear, absolute pe(a)rfection of a cocktail!

Discover The Perfect Pear, a cocktail recipe from our very own mixologist inspired by a juicy and fresh fruit: the pear. Be prep(e)ared for a unique experience!

Our mixologist Bastien Gardrat will reveal his inspiration behind this cocktail that reminds us of the end of summer…

What ingredients do I need ?

40 ml Meukow VSOP

25 ml Pear Nectar

Top with Ginger beer

Garnish with a dehydrated pear

What is the inspiration behind the cocktail?

The idea was to create a long drink that is easy to do and that is all about the balance of flavours.

Pear and ginger are a match made in heaven, and the nectar brings some density as well as mixing harmoniously with the ginger beer without overpowering the cognac.

The dehydrated pear as a garnish is a nod to the key ingredient in this beverage and it also offers an interesting aesthetic.

The pear is a fruit that is often associated with the end of summer and the beginning of autumn, and most particularly the Williams pear, known for its sugary taste and its unique texture.

Photo credits : Théo Schuman

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